Heather Franklin

10 March 2016

Planning for the gala and editing the video has been the focus of my week. We successfully hand addressed around 600 invitations for the gala and mailed them out. The rest of my time has been solidifying the narrative of the video. One thing I learned from Chris Robinson is that I can’t be too personally invested in your project.

I say this because all the content I liked for the video started around 30:00. Yeah no one is going to watch that. The video is currently around 8:30 and I am continuing to be more direct and narrower with the story the video is telling.

This week I’ve continued my work over social media with construction updates and international women’s day. More importantly, I’ve been moving towards the gala. We have tons of material that has to be created and that will be my job.

So much… Such little time left…




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