Caleb Janney

Week 8

This week was not very busy until the last couple of days. I had to prepare for our fireside chats, which was today. We did not really advertise quite soon enough for this fireside chat so our RSVPs were down from where we wanted them to be for this event. In order to curb this I created several mass communications to go out automatically around lunchtime every day during the week last week. Our total number RSVPs did jump significantly and I was able to acquire our desired number of 30. In effort to prepare to today’s meeting, this past week I touched base with our facilities crew to makes sure that the location had been secured on our calendar and that the proper setup specs were communicated to the crew so that we would be ready to go with our meeting. I was also responsible for getting coffee and doughnuts for those who were going to be attending. I arrived two hours prior to the meeting to makes sure that everything was setup properly and then put the last minute details in place that I was responsible for, coffee and doughnuts.

This week I also was responsible for adding new groups to our house church total. We are now at 55 house churches. I had to create their groups and place their leaders in each of their groups using our data network software Arena. I also had to update several other house church’s leaders information and remove some who were still receiving communications that no longer wished to as well as adding others who are now in leadership and wanting to be updated by our weekly emails. As far as next months RSVP for fireside chats, I am going to go ahead and be communicating that this week so that people have the proper amount of time to plan for it.


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