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Disney Uniforms

Hey guys! Sorry for not being consistent with my blog. I had one week of nothing but work and class so it put me behind a little bit, but I will post every other day this week to make up for missed times.

Working for Walt Disney World the terms that you use in your everyday language are not going to work at Disney. They have a general overall language and they have themed language. Themed language could be if you stay at the Polynesian Resort, which is beautiful, their greeting is aloha and they give you a lei. A general term is called a costume which means uniform.

My work location, Main Street East, comes with three different costumes. A stock costume for costuming, a yellow costuming for when I work in confectionery, and a brown costume for when I’m working in the other five stores.

I have themed costumes for my location because Main Street is themed in the Mary Poppins decade so the language and the uniforms are very different. Below I have pictures of two of them because my stock uniform is just a basic blue.


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