Courtney Napier

This week we got to give our office chairs a break. Earlier in the week we went to Omega Financial, Inc., a financial company founded here in Columbus. Prior to or meeting with Omega Fi employees I had no idea what the company was, so just briefly, they are a financial organization that specializes in billing, fundraising, and pretty much all things financial for Greek organizations. I thought that was interesting because I would have never thought to consider who takes care of those things; I’d always thought it was done internally, but they’ve made a lucrative industry out of it. I also learned while at Omega Fi, that they were among the first if not the first to do what they do, catering to the Greek community. Their founder was a student at Auburn and he established the concept as a class project and it took off as a business even after he’d finished the course.

We went to Omega Fi to present the Young Professionals program to their employees. Several businesses around Columbus actually pay for in whole or partial membership for some of their employees because they recognize what a pillar in our community the YP program at the Chamber is and how employees could benefit from membership. So during the presentation we pass out info and materials pertaining to YP, showed the commercial, and basically told them how they could benefit from being a member of YP. Other than me and my supervisor Maggie, there were a few YP members present to give testimonials and first hand experience about their journeys as YPs. Amongst them was past chair and Aflac employee, William Morgan. One man even told them how he’d met his wife at a YP event; it was quite a story.

Also this week we had our TRC kickoff, which is essentially a membership drive, where we are trying to get as many new memberships and renewals as possible for this year as our first events are approaching. And this comes my favorite part…the event planning and networking! Next week we have a Cocktails and Company Event and I’m super excited to be working the event, seeing new and familiar faces alike. Then, it’s Spring Break!

It was an eventful week altogether, and I even got to flex my photoshop skills for some content on the YP page.

Until next week,

The Intern.


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