Caleb Janney

Week 7

This week at Grace Midtown was a bit of the getting back to the grind of things. February flew by and it already feels like March has come and gone. I say that because I am in the process our next Fireside Chats, which will take place next weekend. It has already happened upon me. I created a new RSVP form this week using Google Forms. I made a slight adjustment this time so that I would only receive responses from those who are going to attend. You can Click Here if you wish to see the form.

I have already received four responses but people within this culture tend to be late on their RSVPs. I have already crafted a few mass communications that I have scheduled to go out over the nest couple of days around the middle of the day. Since our event is this coming up weekend I feel like the more they see the reminder the more likely I will be able to get responses. It is an unfortunate truth that most people have to see a piece of information seven times before it has the desired affect.

Other than the RSVP form and mass communication I sent out this week reminding people of this event and other internal notices I also had to do some follow up on getting this event setup and organized. I had to contact the department head for facilities, Jeremiah, to confirm our setup. We had discussed previously a different alternative, but after speaking with Rob, we decided we should ask for some clarity since the setup should fall within Jeremiah’s department. I have yet to receive a response. I did not have to do any updates for Arena this week, mostly just planning for the next several weeks and ensuring that these events go as planned.


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