Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Week 5

In the first week of my internship, I attended the board meeting for the American Cancer Society’s Crystal Ball 2016. Saturday night, March 5, was the night of the event, so we spent most of the week doing finishing touches and helping set up for the night. I also got to volunteer at the event to get a closer look at what all an event of that caliber entails. My job was to work one of the enhancer games that was an additional fundraiser for the night.

Other tasks that I worked on this week and will be continuing into next week are promotional things for the opening of Zaxby’s on Ft. Benning’s base that Valley Hospitality Services is opening on March 21. I will be managing their social media pages. Our main content for the next few weeks will be promoting that we are hiring and that we will be opening on March 21. We are working closely with Zaxby’s to get promotional items such as banners, balloons, TV ads, etc. that we will need for the opening.

Along with these main projects, I am still managing and working on the insurance agreement for all PMG drivers and anyone who is allowed to operate a vehicle within any PMG company.


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