Amita Lee

What’s in a Video?

This has been yet another interesting week in the Ferst world. Over the beginning of my time in my internship, I received a video assignment. Since I am taking Video 1 this semester, I thought I was a shoe in for making a great video.

So as I have mentioned, I have to make a video for my internship. I have been working on the general bits and pieces thinking that I would be getting the main content in the last few weeks. I have a lot of quotes and fun information for the video but we felt that having people talk about why they love our program would help to put us over the top. Well over this weekend I reached a point when I really need the core content to get everything finished. Usually I would not be too worried about this except for the fact that it is a video that is very important to getting a grant renewed for us. So I have been emailing and trying to contact parents. While I have not gotten any response, I am determined to make this work. So this week I will be spending my time emailing parents and trying my best to make the best of what I have.

Even though I did not see a ton of success when it comes to the project, I have seen progress in my online parent survey. I have been really proud of my work with the survey so seeing that it is working better over time is great. I’m really excited to see where this goes and if it can become a tool for Ferst to continue to use when I graduate.


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