Raigan Smith

Week of Feb. 15th

 During the week of the 15th, I had a lot going on. Classes started getting into full swing with tests and assignments galore but my internship also kicked into high gear as well! Last Tuesday, February 16, was the Manners Banquet for Clubview Elementary school that I have been planning for weeks.

Everything went off without a hitch! Anna, Nick, and I went at 3 p.m. to go set up the room. The decorations included bubble vases filled about halfway with water and had pearls and a candle floating in it. It gave a simple elegance that parents and children alike loved. We also had a PowerPoint that had all of the children’s names on it who graduated from the class.


Before the banquet even started, Anna, Nick, and I got to experience how much the children loved Miss Patsy, the teacher of the Manners Class, and watched them out their newly learned skills in action. There was a line 30 people long just to say hello to Miss Patsy. Some of the children even made thank you cards or gave her flowers. Watching the children use the skills that they have been learning for so long made me happy to see and made me realize how important this banquet was!

The opening speaker was Joel Ames, my supervisor. He was not originally the opening speaker but at 3 p.m. we got word that the original speaker was not going to make it due to illness so we had to think on our feet. That is when we called Joel and he accepted!

After Joel spoke, we had the invocation and then it was time to eat! Joni Resmeyer at Farm Friends did catering and it was absolutely amazing! There was plenty of food and everyone enjoyed the selections.

After dinner, we had the passing out of certificates, speaking from Miss Patsy, and pictures. I made a backdrop and props for the students to use (which can be seen in my picture below with Anna and me and also with the group of children using and loving the props).

Overall, last week was a rewarding week that made me realize why Columbus Regional has a Partner-in-Education


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