Krystal Ketcham


Courtroom Blues

I will live happily ever after, if I never step foot in three distinct places: a courtroom, prison and cemetery. Think about it, what’s the likelihood of hearing something good happening in a cemetery, prison or courtroom. Exactly, no one associates happiness with those places. Death isn’t a happy topic. Prison isn’t paradise and a courtroom is equivalent to life or death.

            Wednesday, I realized how much it bothers me to be put in an uncomfortable situation. How do you handle uncomfortable situations? I wish someone wrote a book on how to remove yourself from uncomfortable situations. As soon as I stepped foot in the court room, I instantly felt uncomfortable. I kept asking myself, why? Why am I here?

            As I entered the courtroom it was hard to miss the two men sitting in the corner, shackled in chains. I can’t put in words how I felt seeing those men. After that day I realized hard news isn’t for me.  


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