Courtney Napier

Interning at the Chamber

I love to watch people (not in a creepy way). I’ve just always been curious about what makes people do the things they do and how things work. I notice the smallest idiosyncrasies, and I like to see how people react and interact with one another. I suppose that’s partly why I decided to be a communication major. At the Chamber I’ve noticed who’s had 3 cups of coffee before lunch, who’s hesitant to give me even the most minute and tedious workload, who’s anxious to tell their stories, who’s always asking if anyone wants them to pick up something on their way back to the office on their lunch break, who shamelessly play their music with the door open, who’s the first to speak up at meetings, and who’s the last one out the office at the end of the day. Everyone plays his or her part, and each person’s role makes a huge impact on the team dynamic.

Because it’s the beginning of the year and we are still processing memberships, I get the pleasure of putting all the applications in the computer (oh, the joy). We are coming up on some of our first YP events of the year, which I am most excited for! I feel like I know all these people that I haven’t actually met yet, but I know their names, their employers, what committees they signed up for this year, which ones they served on last year (okay, so this doesn’t help my creeper case much). It will be exciting to get to work with each of the committees within the Chamber. I’ve learned that one of the most important functions of the Chamber is networking and connecting. It is our responsibility to initiate those connections, whether business or interpersonal that may not have been established in other circumstances. Like I was told by one of my supervisors, “under most circumstances, a CEO of a major corporation and a small business owner or employee would not sit down and have a lengthy conversation at a dinner or exchange ideas at a meeting, but the Chamber serves as a platform where all types of ambitious people can link up and network with one another” (and I think that’s amazing).

I think as a communication major an internship at the Chamber will be greatly beneficial for me, it’s been an experience already and started opening doors and I’ve not even gotten to the hard part yet. Also, I get to attend all these great events without having to pay a membership fee so that’s super cool too. I know I’m always referring back to networking and connections, but that’s a part of the job. I’ll try to keep the creep factor down next week.

Until next time,

The Intern

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