Caleb Janney

Week 6

This week was a brainstorming week. Rob is the pastor over house churches as Grace Midtown. One of the major parts of his job and subsequently my job is to provide the proper resourcing to leaders in house churches or potential leaders of new house churches on how to lead their house church. We have been accomplishing this through emails as the come in overtime but we have been trying to figure a way by which we will be able to resource these guys better. We landed on the idea of a House Church Resource Manual. This is a big project underway as of this past week. This however will not be something that I am spearheading. This project will probably outlast the length of my internship. I am just going to share what I suggested be a part of this manual, which I hope to continue to be a resource on in the coming weeks in months. I suggested that, very practically, we have a communication section of this resource manual. My thoughts were to focus mainly on interpersonal relationship skills: relational dynamics, being yourself, and conflict resolution. Any time you are leading other people it is important to have a good working knowledge of interpersonal relational skills, how that relates to you being fully yourself, and how to solve conflict within a group because it is bound to happen.

My others duties this week were to begin to plan for next month’s Fireside Chats. The next chat is actually in just a couple of weeks, March 13. I am mentally processing these steps right now and will begin to take action next week. I also had to update a few house churches in the network management software Arena. I actually did not have to send out any mass communications this week.



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