Morgan Nicholson

Intern Blog

I have to say one of my favorite things I have done so far during my internship is sitting in on the morning show with Maunalee from 106.9 Really Rocks. She hosts the morning show Monday through Friday, 6am- 10am, called ‘Maunalees Army’. I’ve never dabbled in a rock station format before and it is completely different from top 40, so it is interesting to see how the two differ. The rock station demographic is usually 18-34 males, while our top 40 station is 18-34 females. The content differs too; the things we talk about on rock are most likely things we would never bring up on a top 40 station. The past two weeks I have been sitting in on the morning show every morning for a couple hours, and it’s been fantastic. The listeners really dig hearing two females on a rock station. I get in and we discuss the music and create our own topics for listeners to interact with.

Some of the listeners think I am there to fill in for Maunalee when she takes maternity leave, sadly that isn’t the case but it is nice to hear that they find us entertaining together and they could possibly see me hosting a type of show like that. It took some adjusting in the beginning to talk about more raunchy topics than I would on my own top 40 show. You get away with certain words and or topics on a rock station than you would on a top 40 station. I’m really enjoying seeing how she interacts with listeners and how she formats her show content. She obtains it differently than I do and it is interesting to see how a different host can prepare for a show so differently than I do. I’m learning a lot on how to better myself as a personality and a programmer; I’m excited to see what next week has in store.

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