Mashaya Parks

Hello fellow readers!

I do apologize for my absence; I have been in training for the past couple of days. From January 15 up until now I have only had one day off. It is crazy but welcome to the adult life.

January 15 was my Traditions programs that the program has through Disney University which is a building they have for all classes. The program was split into two groups which lasted five hours. Luckily, I was in the pm group and we got to take a tour of Magic Kingdom which was awesome seeing as it was my first time at Walt Disney World period! In the Traditions class we just learned about Walt Disney himself and his background. We also received goodies which can be seen below and here is where I became an actual employee of the wonderful company. At Traditions I received my name badge and my ID for the company just yet but I do however have pictures of my roommate, Gené, and I at the Magic Kingdom park after one of our training days.



As you can see the hallways are filled with all things Disney and Pixar films. They even have a whole hallway dedicated to Beauty and the Beast.  On my second day, it was another welcome class that was eight hours long. The first half talked about the basics of the company and how it operates and the second half was about my individual role and what being a part of merchandise actually consists of.

On one of the days I also went to costuming to pick up my uniforms for my location. Because I am in merchandise I currently have three different type of costumes that I have to wear. Costumes is another word for uniform. I can also work at any other merchandise area within all the parks if shifts begin to come available. I do not have pictures of my uniforms

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