Krystal Ketcham


 Meet My New Friend

As a child, I imagined a career full of adventures. Today my childhood dream came true.  Never would I imagine having a conversation with a coroner. Today I met the coroner of Muscogee County, Buddy Bryan.

           In my eyes, Mr. Bryan has one of the best jobs on planet Earth. You’re probably thinking how is dealing with dead people fun? To some people dead bodies are gruesome, to others it is science. I think it’s interesting Mr. Bryan sees part of the human body I probably will never get the chance to see. After the interview, he showed me pictures of a body eaten by wild dogs and rats. He also told me stories about the flooding in Albany.

            One of the best things about being a reporter is the opportunity to talk to different people. Learning about the lives of others is exciting. I think the best way to learn sometimes is simply by talking to different people. 


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