Heather Franklin

19 February 2016

This week has been packed. First off, we have a theme! It’s Illuminate. We are excited to have something tangible to work off of for the gala. A new component of my job is helping to guide and facilitate other projects. It has really given me a sense of ownership over my role. I am not just an intern, I work at MercyMed. Billy and I have been working with a group comm class on a project. They are going to help us increase our number in monthly donors. This week I attended the meeting with them alone. It was interesting to see myself using my knowledge of communication and my work with MercyMed in one place.

Today we finished interviewing patients. What a day. The stories I hear from patients are so heavy yet incredibly uplifting. To hear how finding an affordable medical option saved limbs! To see a grown man’s eye well up as he talks about the impact the people at MercyMed have had on his life. It was a fulfilling time indeed. I can only hope to share what I got to experience with these amazing people with everyone else.


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