Caleb Janney

Week 5

This week I was able to work on my event planning skills. Today we hosted our first of three Fireside Chats that we will be hosting throughout this spring. The purpose of this event is to provide our house church leaders with resources to better help them lead their communities.

I began planning for this event about a month ago. The first thing I did after filling out facilities request form to reserve the space for our event was to create a Google Form that would allow potential attendees to RSVP for this event. After I created the Google Form I created a link to send out in an email. You can click here to view this form. After this form was filled out the information would then populate a Google Sheet where I would be able to see how many people would be attending this event. After gathering responses and reviewing this process, moving forward I will only provide a space for people to enter their name and select “yes” for their attendance. I do not necessarily need to know who is not going to be there. I sent this link to our leaders using our network management software, Arena. I was able to select the specific groups of people we were trying to highlight for this event and send a mass email to them through this. The other feature I was responsible for during this event was to make sure there was enough donuts and coffee for people. I had 31 people present and every one who wanted a donut was able to have one and I did not have any waste, and there is never too much coffee.

I have been getting responses to my request to acquire information from the house churches about their descriptions and goals so that I can bolster our information about our current house churches. This is an on-going project that I am able to tend to as I receive their information. I plan on sending a follow-up email this week to encourage more responses so that I may continue to input this information.


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