Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Post: Week One

This semester I am interning with Pezold Management Group under their Public Relations and Marketing Director, Cassie Myers. Cassie is a CSU Communication Alum and a native of our area. When beginning this internship, Cassie explained to me that it would be hard to put what my “duties” would be into words because this is a fast-paced job that has new challenges and tasks each and every day. Pezold Management Group (PMG) is a company based in Columbus that runs a multitude of smaller businesses; so many that they can’t all be named. Some of the major ones are Valley Hospitality Services (VHS) which is a group of 12 hotels and restaurants, and the 23 McDonald’s franchises that they own. As my internship progresses, I will be able to tell you more about the different kinds of businesses that they manage.

My first week began with a round of meetings. Cassie sits on a number of different boards in the community as a representative of PMG. One of those boards is the Advisory Board for the Department of Communication here at CSU. I got to follow along with Cassie to this month’s meeting. It was interesting to see that side of the department and to be able to thank those community partners who invest so much into our education. After that, we met with some of the board members for the American Cancer Society’s Crystal Ball and helped proof read publications for the event, as well as mail donor letters.

We ended the week with a trip to the corporate office to meet Cassie’s direct supervisor, Tracey Sayers, and the owner of the company, Jack Pezold, as well as some of the other employees I will be in contact with. Overall it was a good week and allowed me to see a small glimpse into what a management group of this size oversees.


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