Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Post: Week Three

With Pezold Management Group being the owners of a number of McDonald’s one thing that Cassie is in charge of helping with is the print materials that are shown on the menus and in the restaurants. We work with a design firm that creates all of the artwork and layouts for Cassie to approve. From there, one of Cassie’s duties is to update the reader boards (digital screens) in front of the restaurants with all of the new deals and features. What I didn’t know about McDonald’s, is that their social media is nationally done. There is no local social media for McDonald’s meaning that PMG cannot run an account for each local franchise. Another thing I learned and found interesting was that if you see anything done with McDonald’s that contains a price, like the current McPick Two for $2, that is done locally and not nationally set.

Another project that I have been working on and updating is the driver’s safety agreement and insurance policy for all Pezold employees that either drive a company car for everyday use or are employed to be able to use company vehicles for their services (like catering, etc.) I will be managing this project for a while until it is finished.


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