Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Post: Week Two

In the second week of my internship, I have gotten to see a more in-depth look into the business world. I attended the monthly profits and losses (P&L) meeting alongside Cassie for the different franchises of McDonald’s that PMG owns. It was interesting to see what all factors go into running a successful and profitable business.

Another task we were faced with this week was scoping out a video commercial shoot for one of their real estate properties. PMG owns a mobile home park called Pine Meadow Estates. This year they have chosen to run a television media ad versus a print or radio one. Our job was to visit the site to plan out ideas for the scenes and see what all shots would be needed for the ad. The only “sample” unit they have available is the leasing office, so we had to find ways to set it up to look like an actual home. This lead us to the storage units in the building where my office is located (along with a group of other PMG companies) to find furniture and household items for the shoot.

As part of Cassie’s job, she is also in charge of all of the insurance for employees, so I got to help with the print materials that would be distributed to department heads to equip them with the knowledge to explain the insurance options to their employees. Like I mentioned last week, there is something new to be done or another area to manage each day in this job, so essentially Cassie and I go wherever they need us.


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