Raigan Smith

This week at Columbus Regional was a pretty easy week. It was the final week before the banquet on Tuesday so I spent most of my time preparing for that. I finished the props, finished shopping for the decorations, and made sure that all of my ducks were in a row.

Other than the banquet details, I helped with a social media campaign for a golf tournament in April, the Celebrity Classic. This is a golf tournament that raises money for John B. Amos Cancer Center. For this, I constructed posts starting from March 3 to the weekend of the weekend of April 15. To do this, I used old photos, contacted those in charge of the tournament for details last year, and thought of the idea to have a post about golf and tennis tips for those entering the tournament. With the help of Anna and Jessica, I was able to get feedback, make changes necessary, and will be able to schedule the posts Wednesday.

I have been able to pick up on protocol and the ways things work at Columbus Regional. This week I learned how to check out the corporate credit card and the protocols behind that. Working in the type of environment has been very rewarding. This experience has let me know that this is where I want to spend my career- in corporate communications.


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