Raigan Smith

This week I was able to expand my skills and work on more than just the banquet. Because I completed banquet planning, I worked on creating different Facebook strategies to promote two different events Columbus Regional is hosting. Tip-A-Snake and Celebrity Classic are the two events that needed promoting and I was able to work with Jessica in the department to come up with a strategy to get as much promotion and social media traffic as possible.

For Tip-A-Snake, I used previous pictures of volunteers, the Cottonmouths, and the website to sign up. This was a lot of fun because I got to use complete creativity and learn in the real world how Facebook is used to promote events like this.

Below is a screenshot of the first post I created, with the help of Jessica.


This experience helped me learn how to construct a post for a business, how to schedule posts, and how to take feedback from supervisors and revise work.

Banquet updates- I finished planning and just have to do the execution part. Certificates for the students are signed by both parties, Columbus Regional CEO and Clubview Elementary principal, centerpieces are done, catering planned, and all families have RSVP’d. With about a week out to the event, I am excited to meet all of these students and see the creation come to life!

I have enjoyed the first month of my internship so far! I can’t wait to see what other tasks I get to do and have found a love for corporate communications through this experience.




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