Morgan Nicholson

Week 2

This week at PMB Broadcasting was an exciting one! I was able to sit in on the morning show for 106.9 Rocks. Maunalee is the morning show host on 106.9 and was kind enough to let me sit in on her show and talk with her during breaks. I felt like I was actually a part of the show. We had topics, interacted with callers, and she showed me how she programs the show every day. She has also asked me to voice some rock liners this week for her morning show, so it will be interesting to voice for a different type of format station. I will be sitting in on her show every Friday in the morning for the rest of the interning period. It will be interesting to see how my own on air persona can change from a Top 40 format to a rock alternative format.

On the technical side of the internship I learned a lot this week with Brian Waters from 103.7 Lite FM. He showed me clocks within Nexgen which is where the log is for the entire radio station, including music lineups, liners, and commercials. He showed me the importance of clocks to everyday programming for station. I was also in charge of loading the music for the week for the classic rock station. I not only loaded the music but selected certain songs to play where the computer missed the cue to load the song. It was exciting to see music I picked to play airing on a radio station. We also practiced my on air delivery for the classic rock station, I did 6 breaks over two hours around 7pm. I mentioned local events, entertainment buzz, and news during the show trial. After Brian listened and approved and wanted to let it actually air that night, it was challenging to change my delivery to a more mellow and mature sounding personality. This week we continue to focus on building clocks for different stations and working on my classic rock delivery.


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