Louis Sanville

Internship Blog #3

My internship for WCUG is going well. I’m still doing some small tasks for the station, but I’m confident that I would move up in position. They never said that it was going to be easy. Still, I’m enjoying my time with the station, and I’m learning a lot from them. By next week, I would be able to finish some of the tasks that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks.

I’m still putting in some of the final touches on the playlist that I’m constructing for the station. Right now, my focus is towards the sixties. Sometimes, it’s tough to construct a playlist, especially for a radio station. Sometimes, you would like to be bias and put the songs that you like on the playlist, but you also have to dig for songs that you don’t like or are not familiar with. Lately, I’ve been searching lists of songs from the sixties and using them to make it easier on myself. It shouldn’t be too difficult from this point.

Also, I’ve started work on the radio liners. To do this, I would take audio recordings, instrumentals, and sound effects that have been downloaded from Google Docs, and I would edit them in Adobe Audition, which is recording software, I believe. Then, I would send the finished products to the team to be put on air. I finished one before the weekend, and I planned on doing three to five more liners to make up for some lost time.

As for the projects that await me next week, it remains to be seen. I think the station is keeping me from doing anything that would cause some stress. Regardless, I would hope to be more experienced in the technical aspects of the station at some point of the internship. As always, I hope to continue my progress and education on the broadcasting industry, using my experience in WCUG.

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