Courtney Napier

Interning at the Chamber

This concludes my fourth week at the Chamber and I’m learning much about the inner workings of how it functions. Most of the events the Chamber hosts take place during the second half of the year, so around this time we have been focusing on promotion and membership. Also, most of the planning for events that occur later is in the works now, so I get a front row seat to it all (or cubicle). Rather than droning on about the details of my tedious work these past two weeks learning Chamber databases and organizing new member applications, I simply want to dwell on a conversation I had with one of my supervisors this week which gave me a sense of clarity about myself.

At this stage in my life, as graduation is drawing near, I feel as if where at one point I was certain what I wanted to do and why I no longer seem to have that confidence anymore. I often feel as if I’m in some sort of limbo; perhaps between transitioning from young adult to adulthood. There’s so much pressure to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life, and though it’s never presented itself as a problem before, I’m feeling it now more than ever. In an effort to learn more about me one of my supervisors revealed to me how she came to Columbus and ended up working at the Chamber. She told me of the several degrees she had, and how although she was certain she wanted a career in her major she went back to school for something quite different because she wasn’t satisfied with her work at the time.

After falling on hard times she confided in me that she moved to Columbus to be with family and to get back on her feet when she got an entry-level position at the Chamber, and when her talent was noticed she got the position she has now. Of course I’ve sped the timeline of the story way up, but that’s for the sake of this post and my point. Anyhow her story made me realize that I have time, and I shouldn’t worry if I will live up to other’s expectations of me, because as she stated and as I’m sure we’ve all heard before: if you choose something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. So that is what I’ve treasured most these past couple of weeks. Although I am fortunate to be learning skills that may benefit me in the future, I am grateful that someone has taken time to share wisdom. And she may not even know how much I needed to hear her words, but they made a lasting impact. That’s all for now.

The Intern


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