Mashaya Parks

The Disney College Program puts all of the interns in four different apartment complexes: Vista Way, Chatham, The Commons, and Patterson. Each week we pay rent through our paychecks which includes everything like lights and water. You can have up to eight roommates in one unit.

At my school, Columbus State University, I always had my own space and a full size bed for two years. Here, not so much. Everything is a double occupancy, shared shared in college terms, and sometimes even triple occupancy with one room having a bunk bed.

I currently live in Vista Way apartments three bedroom, 6 people. When moving in, you have the option of picking the room you want to stay in instead of the assigned rooms like they have in college.

In our unit, we have two refrigerators and a fully stocked kitchen with plates, cups, silverware, pots, and even a can opener. The supplies that we were missing the main office was helpful in giving us everything. Only two of our rooms have a cable hookup which explains the television in the living room. Each room also comes with a locker for personal items. Also there is only one bedroom with a bathroom as displayed in the pictures and the other four have to share a bathroom.

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