Caleb Janney

Week 3

This week I was mostly charged with updating House Church descriptions. We currently have forty-three house churches in our networks, but aside from the name of the group and the leaders associated with those groups, that is all of the information that we have. This is a tedious process because my only form of communication with these house churches is via email. I stated last week how I was requesting information form the house churches about their major goals over the next three months as well as their vision and mission statements, as well as their description of their house church to update in the system. This will better help us categorize and resource our house churches, however not all of our house churches meet every week, sometimes bye-weekly. Getting this information back from them can take a while, thankfully I was able to get a few updates from a few house churches and begin the updating process, but however I have many more to go.

The other major goal this past week was to follow-up on our arrangements for the communication workshop that we are having this coming up weekend on Saturday the 13th. Our event currently has thirty individuals registered. The issue in the past has been having people RSVP for our events. I sent the request several weeks in advance and have been sending follow-up emails to try and get more responses, but I am still planning for at least 65 people this weekend. I have assimilated and followed –up with our setup crew and media production crew to make sure that this event will be setup and staffed properly.


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