Raigan Smith

Blog 2

This week at Columbus Regional was a busy one! With the banquet quickly approaching, unexpected meetings with potential clients, and phone conferences with current clients, our department was not in need of finding something to do!

Monday had a good mixture of everything to do. There was a media interview that I sat in on. An intern for a magazine in Columbus had an interview with a NICU nurse and I was lucky enough to sit in on that with the Public Relations Coordinator, Jessica. After the interview, there was a conference call with the departments marketing company, Lewis Communications about the website that is being revamped. Hearing all of the things added to our to-do list, we got to work after that creating content and prepping for future launch.

Banquet prep was my main focus Wednesday because Monday I was pulled in so many directions. I also worked on website content in times that I needed a break from banquet prep!

Friday was beyond busy! I first set off for the store to get banquet items. When I got back, I started on banquet invitation prep in the hopes of having them done and sent out to the children and their families.


Between printer issues, computer issues, and an unexpected meeting, I was not able to get the invitations done but I came up with a solution to still meet the deadline- an evite! I was able to still alert the families about the upcoming banquet, just with a different form of communication.

The meeting I was able to participate in was an exciting one. It was from a company that creates an intranet type of platform for employees but with the feel of a social media platform that allows the employees to filter the information they want to know about! So if they want to know about things our department is doing, they are able to opt in but if they aren’t wanting to have the updates that Health and Wellness put out, they choose to not see those posts to their timeline, which this company calls the water cooler. This site would be a compliment to the current intranet, Oasis. After the meeting I was able to partake in the debrief discussion of the pitch and give my thoughts about the potential website implementation.

Overall, this week I felt more at home and settled in at CRH! I was able to share my thoughts and do my work under the great leadership of the Marketing department!


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