Courtney Napier

Blog 2

Interning at the Chamber

This concludes week 2 of my internship at the Chamber of Commerce. This week was a lot of housekeeping; I got issued my email and laptop, I met all of the Chamber’s employees, some of whom I’d already informally met, I also got the grand tour. One aspect I like about being at the Chamber is that everyone is amiable. This could be to presumptuous of me since I’ve barely been here two full weeks, however I can tell when I’m in an atmosphere where people are genuine, and it makes the work environment that much more enjoyable.

This week I started brainstorming ideas for content to put on social media platforms for some of the Chamber’s initiatives, such as Columbus Georgia Young Professionals and Youth Leadership Columbus. I was made an administrator of the groups on Facebook so that I could constantly post content on behalf of the Chamber, content that would attract visitors to these pages, and generate an interactive community amongst current, former, and potential members. I always make an effort to make every experience an opportunity to learn something and something I learned about myself is that I’m full of creative ideas, however when it comes to writing I’d rather leave that potential untapped. This is of course a futile way of thinking, however I think it’s important we are able to recognize our strengths and weaknesses in addition to what we like and dislike. It’s not that my writing sucks completely, it’s just that in my opinion (and a few of my professors apparently) my writing is stiff and not very colorful. This would come in handy when I’m writing briefs in law school, however in PR the point is to keep people’s attention long enough that they will read what I write, or at least want to. Clearly writing is and will always be an inevitable element per my choice in major and career path, but I’d just like it put on the record. So this week, in addition to creating content I was writing and executing these ideas for approval to my supervisor, Maggie (who has excellent taste in lipstick, btw).

I’m more looking forward to creating, planning, and executing actual events, but baby steps I suppose. Alas, this week wasn’t as tedious as last week; still the new kid on the block (er, office), and ever so ready to learn as much as I can in these weeks to come. Perhaps I’ll have something more colorful to write about next week. But until then,

The Enthusiastic Intern

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