Sydney Hilderbrand

This week I worked from Monday through Friday from 12pm – 4pm. I work at a PR Agency in Auburn, AL. On Tuesday (Monday was a holiday), I reviewed our client’s social media platforms and website to make sure everything is running properly. This includes checking links, pictures, quotes, “shopping carts”, etc. When I find an error, I report it to the director and they pass it on to the analyst to fix the problem. After that, the interns were approached with a new project where we do extensive competitor research for a client. This has been an ongoing project and has lasted about four days.

Last week, the interns were given a project to work with a local client and come up with a social media promotion. This promotion took extensive planning and research on specific social media platforms that would meet the most needs. On Wednesday, I finalized the PowerPoint presentation so that it would be ready to go when we present. We finally presented this project with our final synopsis and presentation and the director LOVED it. They decided to take the next step and pass it on to the designer, who will then bring it to life!

On Thursday, we continued our competitor research. Shortly after, we were approached by the director who wanted to get our opinion about an advertisement coming out soon. This client lives out of town, so it was interesting to come up with an ad that attracts a new company. Later that day, we were pulled into a meeting for brainstorming ideas for a local client. This consists of a comfy chair, a cup of coffee, and the best ideas you have. Everything was written on a whiteboard and when you hit a roadblock, the meeting was paused and they will decide when to pick it back up. So we continued on to the next meeting to present our newest edit of the advertisement we came up with. It was interesting to hear everybody’s ideas and see a team work together to come up with the BEST idea.

On Friday, we finished up our competitor research and presented it in a meeting with the director. Again, we bounced ideas off of each other and came up with alternative plans for this specific client. Once the brainstorming began, we couldn’t stop. When that meeting finished up, we went to visit a local client to get a real life perspective rather than an e-commerce perspective.

After this week, I can’t believe it’s only my second week. I already feel like I am an employee and I’m learning so much. I feel like I had really good timing with this internship because I am getting the experience BEFORE I get the education. I feel like this will make my COMM courses go a lot smoother next semester! At the beginning of the internship, I signed a confidentiality agreement that does not allow me to give client names, company ideas, or any insider knowledge. Because of this, I am unable to send pictures, but I will put as much as I can into words for you! 


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