Morgan Nicholson

Internship Week 1

The first week at my internship with PMB Broadcasting was great. I’m learning so much in my field of work that I never looked into. I decided to intern with PMB for multiple reasons. One being that radio is something I want to do for the rest of my life so why not learn more about a side of radio I am not familiar with. My advisor for the internship is Brian Waters, he hosts midday’s on 103.7 Lite FM, a man of many titles, he is also Program Director for his station as well as the classic rock station. He programs the music and sets up promotions for both stations. For my internship we decided I would focus more on the classic rock station, 105.5fm The Ride. I will be learning how to program and schedule music through music master and learn how to deliver myself as a personality on a classic rock station.

This first week we focused on music for both Lite and rock. Lite fm is more complex with it comes to music scheduling, so Brian showed me the differences between the two stations. I learned the basics of scheduling and understanding music master for the classic rock station and was shown the Lite music as well. We discussed why Lite is more complex. The reason being music changes every day from 12-4 due to Ryan Seacrest’s show out in L.A. He also showed me how he obtains show prep and how he connects with the audience on the classic rock station. For the classic rock station there is minimal talking, the focus is on the music being played. In the weeks to come I plan to learn how to schedule the music for classic rock on my own and learn how to use my voice as a personality on the classic rock station as well, delivering content and interacting with the listeners. I’m very excited for the next few months.


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