Louis Sanville

Louis Sanville

Internship Blog 1

January 24, 2016

Internship Blog 1 (Week of Jan. 23rd)

I do not think the word “exciting” would begin to describe my first week as an intern for the college radio station, WCUG 88.5 Cougar Radio. What I can say is that I was eager to learn all I could about the production side of the station. I wanted to set a meeting with Dr. Scott Sellnow-Richmond, the supervisor of the station, for the first Friday of the semester (Jan. 15th) at 1:00pm. He initially agreed to the meeting. When I arrived around 12:55pm, I told Dr. Sellnow-Richmond that I am interested in working with production for the station. He told me that I would be able to do certain tasks that are given to me by Tip Lynch and Brandon Moe. After conversations about my internship were settled, I was given my first tasks: create a word document that includes the current Country songs placed on Billboard Charts, and write a script for the radio liners that are to be on-air within a few weeks.

The tasks were fairly easy to do. Although it was a bit difficult to write the script, it was fun to do. It was not my best work, but it meant a lot to the station. Listing the current Country songs on the Billboard Charts was tricky. I was given a list of country songs on Billboard for the previous week. The list went up to 50 songs. When I visited the Billboard website, however, not only were there two lists to follow from (Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay Songs), but both lists have songs up to 25 and 30, respectfully. As a result, I was confused as to what list to follow and how many songs to list including the positions of the songs from the previous week. Eventually, I was told to follow both lists and to write the songs from the lists separately. In a sense, it made the job easy for me.

Tomorrow (Jan. 25), I start the second week of internship. I think that some of the first tasks that I will have for this week would include imaging. This is where the liners come together. Then, I figure that they would have me do some other work involving production, but I do not know the extent of the work yet. Hopefully, this will grow into more opportunities for me to get the experience I need for the future.


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