Courtney Napier

Interning at the Chamber

This past week marked my first week as the new intern at the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce (sheesh, that’s a mouthful). Since I’ve only worked a day there’s not much to report on so I’ll just give what little insight and impression I have on the Chamber thus far, and my expectations for the semester ahead of me. My first official day as intern was Wednesday, since Monday was a holiday in respect of MLK; however, I had to go to the Chamber to meet with my new bosses the week prior. Afterwards they invited me to the Young Professionals Kickoff so that I could get a sense of some of the work I would be doing throughout the semester. I wasn’t expecting to work the event, but that’s exactly what I ended up doing. Nothing too strenuous, the usual intern duties I suppose. I was working the registration table, getting drinks for the Chamber employees, working the crowd, meeting interesting new people, and of course the dreaded cleanup at the end of the event. I had fun overall; events (especially when there is an open or cash bar) are where you get to see people in an environment that’s not as formal as the workplace.

I really enjoyed the networking opportunity, and especially without having to pay the $225 YP membership fee. Also, it was a great opportunity for my boss to see that I was willing to work. My first day was pretty dull, I was excited of course, but all I did was create spreadsheets for Young Professionals sign-up committees (which was beyond tedious). I suppose an exciting aspect of my day was that I got to be in the CEO’s office for the day since they were replacing furniture in the other available offices. I’ve always imagined having an internship in college, having to fetch coffee for everyone, dressed in my cutest business casual; the normal vague perceptions television has to offer. I actually had no real impression of the Chamber prior to applying for the internship because I never understood what exactly its function were (and I still don’t, there’s so much), but I’m excited to learn.

My department is Community Growth and Development, which is why I chose it since I’m on the Public Relations track. So far I’m looking forward to planning events, but I’m willing to learn any and all aspects related to this position and all the Chamber has to offer. Hopefully I’ll have more exciting content to blog about later in the semester but that’s all for now.

Until next week,

The Ebullient Intern


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