Amita Lee

Amita Lee

Internship Blog Entry #1

Muscogee County Ferst Foundation

This week was the first formal week of my internship. I have been doing the internship for almost nine months so this week was very routine. I started by updating the Facebook page. One of the main parts of my internship is making sure that I keep the Facebook and other social media up to date. I posted about a book called “Dragons Love Tacos”.



I wanted to use a book that the parents that follow our page could find at the local library. One of the things that I take into account when I post, is the ability to access the books and crafts that we provide to encourage reading.

Thursday, I had a meeting with my supervisor, Warren Steele. We discussed where we want to go in the next semester, the changes we are looking for, and finding a replacement for me this coming fall. I have really grown to enjoy working with Warren. While we were meeting, we also talked about the Community Action Team and all they have been preparing to do to make changes to the way we reach our parents. Our main goal for this semester is to find a new way to reach parents as well as keeping them happy with our services.


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