Chelsea Anne Person – CSU Athletics

That’s a Wrap, Folks!

All semester I have been planning and prepping for the first-ever Girls in the Game Advance Initiative luncheon at my internship with CSU Athletics. When I began my internship in January, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I understood planning an inaugural event would be challenging and time consuming but could not foresee all the challenges that would come.

As the weeks and months passed myself and the other members of the planning committee worked diligently. I personally experienced the importance of internal communication and maintaining group morale. Dr. Gibson’s Group Communication course crossed my mind in times when I recognized our team “norming” and “storming”.

The last two weeks my main focus was finalizing all of our print materials, pitching to media and following up with media. Despite discussing press releases for the last three years in classes, actually sending one that would land in a reporter’s inbox was frightening. What if they thought the event wasn’t newsworthy? What if I wrote too much? What if the email landed in the dreaded spam folder? All these thoughts crossed my mind.


Girls in the Game Advance Imitative program, brochure and notebook/pen gift set I deigned for the inaugural event help on April 30, 2015 at the RiverMill Event Centre in Columbus, Georgia.

However, here is what I found to be true. Because I provided these individuals with a quality, local angel and wrote polite and honest emails, I received all positive responses. I wasn’t able to land a primetime news segment or morning show appearance but I got some really great feedback from reporters.

One reporter I reached out to had some initial questions and criticisms. I responded to them as best I could and listened to his advice. This same individual was also kind enough to talk to me briefly about my internship. He was genuinely complimentary and interested in the work I was doing which made my life way less stressful. He also gave me tips for the future. Later on when I thanked him for his advice, he said because I listened to his initial criticism instead of getting defensive, I was easier to help.

Turns out people do like to help other people; media and PR go hand in hand. I witnessed this firsthand.

The Girls in the Game Advance Initiative luncheon was a success. I had countless attendees approach me to express their gratitude and admiration. My favorite quote of the day came from one attendee as she walked out of the room. As I was talking one of my planning committee teammates, she approached us and said, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me to bring my daughter! I’m bringing her next year!”


The stage at the inaugural Girls in the Game Advance Iniative luncheon on Thursday, April 30 2015 at the RiverMill Event Centre in Columbus, Georgia.

That was the icing on the cake. That woman experienced exactly what we had dreamed of: an event celebrating women’s sports and leadership that attendees would fall in love with and anticipate for the years to come.


Todd Reeser, CSU Athletic Director & my internship supervisor and I (Chelsea Person) at the first-ever Girls in the Game Advance Initiative luncheon on April 30, 2015 at the RiverMill Event Center in Columbus, Georgia.

You can read my release about the event at I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to be apart of such an amazing event. I experience immense personal growth and joy through the entire process.

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