Neil Entz


For this week, I had the privilege help Chris with a silent auction. The silent auction was my first time doing an event like this, which was cool. The event hosted by Hope Harbour. The event was to help auction the local work and let public get to know Hope Harbour. In the shoot, I had to get pictures and help show l how successful the event can be. It was a great turn out with plenty of happy people. I had to move quick to get the right framing for the shots. It can be quite the challenge.

Also this week, I helped surveying areas to do the Nami video with Matt. Nami is a nonprofit that needs some promotional material and I was working with Matt. We both were able to chat with how we could shoot it and got a storyboard. We got some shots from the top of a parking garage showing the daily activates. The other was shots of the river walk and people carrying out about their day. I got to see how to compensate for not having the most high tech equipment with some basic tricks to get the same effects.

The last thing I did this week was to help with final portion to the Scott’s ride documentary. The last part was filming Scott Ressmeyer from the Miracle Riders. It was an emotional piece with being the last of the rides. It was hard to shoot with it being such a crowded area and how we are going to shoot it. I helped Ben when the Miracle riders made their way to start their journey. We only had one shot and we got it.

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