Sherale Booker

So this week in the NPACE center, I finished working on my 30 second video clip for Brown Bag with a little help from Ventrine. Also, on Monday I got the chance to watch Ventrine teach a small, beginner’s level Final Cut introductory class. It was great watching her share some helpful Final Cut tips with beginner students. She’s very good at what she does. Interning in the NPACE center this semester has been a very interesting experience this semester. I’ve met new people and learned new things throughout my time there. Although it’s not always busy in there, there are always projects to be filmed and edited. I’m very grateful for the experience that I’ve been given to intern in there and I enjoyed working with the people that work in there. They’ve all taught me something and have inspired me to keep pursing a career in film and editing. I do wish that there were more camera equipment available for students and interns to checkout and create projects without the hassle of having to wait for someone to check-in equipment or having to work solely on class projects. Other than that, the NPACE center was a nice place to intern.


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