Tiara Pickens


April showers bring May flowers! Capturing weather shots could be one of the simplest yet difficult shots to shoot. Although, getting footage of the sun in the sky or zooming in on the water dripping from the edge of the building is easy. But being able to obtain the attention of the audience with such basic shots could be difficult.


Keeping the attention of the audience when giving information about something as simple as weather could be challenging if you don’t follow the following steps:
1. Make sure you put your best shots in the beginning of your video. By doing this you’re able to get the attention of the audience right away so they’ll be interested to want to continue watching.
2. Make sure that your shots are short. Boom! Boom! Boom! No more than 5 seconds, that’s it. By doing this you’re making sure you don’t lose their attention through long drawn out shots.
3. Get unique shots. Great shots are good but unique shots are great. This will not only make you stand out but keep your audience wanting to see more.
The main goal is to gain more viewers while keeping your already dedicated viewers interested while you inform them with daily news. Shorting something as simple as weather makes it a little more difficult to do. Learning how to use my creativity shooting weather was a good experience. Not only did it teach me to be confident in what I was shooting, use good critical thinking skills, it also taught me that even simplicity could be unique.


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