Chelsea Person

“Just Pitchin’”

Next week is the big event. I repeat, next week, Girls in the Game is happening. Part of me is losing my mind as we pull together all the finer details for the event. There is a part of me that likes to have my hand in every part of a project. My internship is teaching to take initiative but also realize that some things will always be out of my immediate control.

This week I pitched news releases to several local journalists. I did my best to carefully craft each one to fit the interests of each journalist I contacted. We always hear in class to make sure we are available should a journalist ever return a call or pitch. Well, it happened. I saw an unknown number pop up on my phone, got the nervous feeling all over, answered, and yep, it was a journalist calling back about my release. So far half of the people I have pitched to responded with interest and one is actually attending out event. So pumped!

Next on my list is making sure we have the event covered so that I can send notices to media post event. Should one or more of the journalists not be able to make it, I still want to be sure they have some material to use if they can squeeze it into a segment. I’m doing my best to stay ahead of the game in the last week!

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