Class Work Turning Real World

By: Chelsea Anne Person

All of my assignments from Dr. McCollough’s Strategic Media Writing course are about to make their way into the real world. This spring, I developed a variety of news releases, scripts for broadcast & video news releases, features, print material and more through my course work. Because we have the blessing of working with sharp professors who integrate our assignments with our internships, I now have the luxury of using class materials to promote Girls in the Game. That said, this week at my internship I have been killing two birds with one stone. As I refine all my submissions for Dr. McCollough’s class, I’m also perfecting (as much as possible) Girls in the Game media and promotional materials. Hooray for consolidation!

In case you kept up with my post from last week, I finally picked out party favors for the luncheon too. We’re going with a really nice journal and pen set, which I hope our guests will really appreciate. Of course I’ll be sure to upload a picture of what those look like when we get them in. I’m really excited to see the final product!


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