Emily Perry

This week, the team I’m working with acquired some clients from another team again. They are moving clients around and making changes within the teams, so I have been able to work on some new content in addition to the content I was working with before. We also did our shoebox project this past Wednesday, during which we filled shoeboxes for homeless women and children. Each team was paired with another and the items the teams brought were combined together to fill the shoeboxes as much as possible. Our team and the team we were working with were able to fill up 4 shoeboxes. I don’t know how many other teams were able to fill but there were a ton of shoeboxes on the table once the project was done, so it was great to be able to participate in such an awesome cause!
For another class I’m taking, SOCI 3106, a class about the history of occupations, I have to make a presentation on the history of my future profession, in this case SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’ve learned a lot about SEO from doing this project, so it has been nice to share what my future profession is with others, but also learn about how it came to be. I think SEO is an extremely important way of providing information to future clients, customers, or those who are interested in a certain topic. Without SEO, the internet would be a jumbled mess. Because of SEO, everything on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is nicely packaged together and easy for the user to understand.
I’m still really enjoying my time working with SEO and cannot wait to see the future of this profession! I’m subscribed to an SEO group on LinkedIn that provides relevant and timely updates regarding SEO and I’ve heard that Google will be changing their algorithm again shortly, which means changes to the rules of SEO. SEO isn’t terrible difficult once you get the hang of it. The challenges come when search engines change their algorithm to place more/less emphasis on certain parts of the SEO process. Knowing that, we have to modify our practices based on what Google says is now important. Even though we don’t directly work with anyone at Google and never will, it’s really cool to be able to work with something that Google directly influences!

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