Being an Intern: the How-To version. Part 2.

By Mercy Morecraft

Right now my intern place, Stand And Stretch, has me working on writing about being an intern- perfect to share with you as well! I’m going to break it down into three different posts, so today is Post #2 of “How to Be an Intern” (at least at Stand And Stretch).

Step #2: When you get where you want to be, sit down and be quiet. (Don’t try to impress too quickly.)

When I started interning at Stand And Stretch, I was brimming with ideas on what I could bring to the team. When we met with clients, they would ask for ideas and I would speak up. However, I missed a huge aspect of communication: I wasn’t listening! I was talking. Instead of learning from them, I wanted to prove that I knew how to do what they wanted.

After a few kind words, I got the picture.

Biggest lesson: Here is what’s neat about being an intern: people who have already gone down the path you want to go surround you. They have tested the ideas, knowing now what works and what doesn’t work. Yes, eventually you will have something to bring to the team (after all, we have a great background in communication now, thanks to the CSU Department of Communication!). But the best part of being an intern, especially in the beginning, is not being expected to be great at everything, or even just one thing. There is this learning curve from school to “the real world” that will naturally occur, if you just pay attention (and be quiet). Then, once you are done for the day, maybe make a list or jot a few notes down, or something, to remember what you got out of the day. Gradually those notes become checklists of what they want you to do, because you are finally getting it.


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