Jasmin Santiago csu7

February 24: The past two days have really revolved around the Tip-A-Snake event for tonight. Tip-A-Snake is an event that the Columbus Cottonmouths hockey team do once a year as a big philanthropy event to raise money towards Children’s Miracle Network.

Yesterday’s task was to help assist in making sure small details to the event were finalized. I organized and counted all of the wristbands, printed all the bid sheets that would be used for the silent auction, and was the liaison for the Phi Mu volunteers that would be assisting at the event.

Once I got to the event tonight I was a bit frazzled in making sure all of the volunteers were accounted for and knew their tasks. I monitored and helped them for most of the night and overall enjoyed the first big event I got to be a part of for Columbus Regional Health.


The volunteers and I at Tip-A-Snake

When entering the country club, where Tip-A-Snake took place, the hockey players would escort the lady guests inside. Afterwards there was a small cocktail and silent auction preview that offered drinks and took photos of all guests. The volunteers and I were stationed at each entryway to assist anyone to their tables if needed. Afterwards the hockey players performed a talent while introducing themselves which was quite entertaining to watch. The way the philanthropic event raised money was by having each hockey member wait a table and obtain the highest “tip” money. Another way they could receive “tips” were by obliging specific requests from any of the guests at their table, such as a slow dance. As the night came to an end the members performed a dance skit for everyone and got everyone up on the dance floor.

After the event our jobs as volunteers were to collect funds from those that won anything from the silent auction. Overall the event was a success and I enjoyed making new connections. The show itself was hilarious to watch and be a part of.

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