Jasmin Santiago csu7

February 17: Crisis management started off the morning. I walked into the office and Jessica sat me down to explain what was going on. She reminded me how as a public relations specialist it’s vital we keep in mind reputation for our organization while staying transparent to the public. Turns out a family member from a patient at our hospital posted a storyline with negative remarks on our Facebook page and on WTVM’s Facebook page. We addressed the issue by contacting the person who published the story and we apologized for their experience and obtained their contact information so that the proper contacts could address this issue could be resolved. Jessica also reached out the CEO on the dilemma and he advised to keep the Facebook post on our page to remain transparent to the public. A valuable lesson learned first hand that related back to my management and campaigns courses.

Once the crisis had been dealt with I began to work on my new web design project. My task for the project is to help assist in transporting, editing, and creating content from the old web page to new templates for the new page. As I went through the old web page I found it difficult to find certain services, links, and a lot of it was outdated. The scavenger hunt to organize, file, type and submit each template for each hospital and service we have available is lengthy but the end reward will be satisfying. I’m excited to be a part of a big project like this and help launch the new web design in hopes to update it and make it easier for everyone!

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