Jasmin Santiago csu7

February 12: Today at our early traffic meeting myself and the other intern, Kristen Averett, learned that we would be in charge of planning for an event that would be hosted later in the semester. The event is a “manners reception” that will be held for Clubview students to showcase their skills they’ve learned in the course. This is a limited seating course that is only offered to elementary students once to each individual. We quickly began to organize previous information from last years’ event to see what we need to improve on for this years’ event. We booked the conference center at Columbus Regional Health and looked into catering. Since budget cuts have been made I made a couple of phone calls to our previous caterer to ask for a headcount estimate price and all that was inclusive. After relaying this information to my boss, Marion Scott, we decided on changing caterers and discussing it with the board in a later meeting.

Afterwards Kristen taught me how she measures the free advertising Columbus Regional Health receives through traditional media. We measured each article, by columns and height, that mentioned the hospitals name or spotlighted an event. We then used a formula and inputted our previous measurements within to gather the final cost.

Did I mention today was Marion’s birthday? That can only mean one thing: Cake! After the celebration I then stepped into Marion’s office for a meeting discussing a specific project I would be working on to help her and the company. I was excited to find out that they would be launching a new web design for the Columbus Regional Health page. She then informed me that I would be a major asset to helping the project launch and assigned my tasks that I would have to complete for the remainder of the semester.

More to come on the web design project…

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