Tiara Pickens


Who would have known that editing would be hard work? It’s just putting video and audio together to make a production piece. It sounds simple, but it’s a lot that goes into effectively editing a video the right way.


Correct editing consists of many things. When editing you have to be willing to invest in specific time to allow yourself time to effectively edit a video piece. Rushing to do last minute work never ends well. Last minute work will definitely be revealed through the airing of the production. You also want to make sure your critical thinking skills are good. Depicting what raw video footage and audio should be used requires understanding what is important to the story.

This week I was able to exercise my editing skills by editing a few videos. The editor, Odie, helped familiarize me with the editing program. I fairly similar to Final Cut Pro, yet some of the keyboard button actions are different. Once I learned the program, I was able to complete some B-Roll. After seeing it air on television, I felt accomplished and eager to do it again. This week’s training was actually beneficial.


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