Tiara Pickens

VOs and SOTs

This week I was able to edit video footage, type the rough draft of a script and deliberate the information about the edited video through emailing all of the producers.


This I had the task of getting raw footage from one of the photographers to create a story for the 10 o’clock show. I was given footage from a military training event in which I had to depict which shots I wanted to insert into the video. I knew that the beginning of the video should be the strongest shot to capture the viewers’ attention to make them interested in wanting to know about the story. The shot should also be short, no longer than eight seconds long. This was tough, and required me to thoroughly watch every shot to pick the best footage that displays interest. I also had to type quotes of the interviews that I used in the video to inform the producers what was happening in the story. This made it easier for them to form the script for the anchors. After typing the quotes, I inserted B-Roll, VOs and SOTs to the video. This required audio corrections, good shots selections and accurate information lining up with the video being displayed. Within the email that was sent to all producers, I included the time of the seconds delay, and the VO that I inserted in the beginning of the video. This task was the biggest thus far, because it required almost everything that I learned during this internship. I showed me that I was capable of physically doing what I ‘ve learned.


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