Tiara Pickens

Recording Live

“Make sure you capture action,” said Toygar, a photographer at WTVM. “Pan a little right, and then zoom in on that ride.”

The pressure is on! The time is now, it’s all or nothing. You mess this up, and the viewers will witness it. My first live shot was taken at the children’s carnival at the Civic Center. Nerve wrecking, yet fulfilling shooting live was something I’ve wanted to experience since the beginning of my internship.


First time shooting live footage, sharp intensity filled the nerves of my body. Palm of my hands were sweaty and I knew that this was my shot at proving that I could deliver a great live shot. When shooting live recordings there are a few protocols you should perform to increase your likeliness of shooting great live shots. First, you pick a good spot, set your tripod and STOP MOVING. You don’t want to force the viewers to depict what the story is about through a shaky video. If your goal is to capture people try to focus on their faces. The facial expressions of people will award you with emotion through your video. Focus on details. This is essential to getting got footage. At the carnival I focused on the action of the children. This promoted the fun of being at the carnival, and that it was a kid-friendly event. This is exactly what I was trying to depict through the story. Last, but not least, make sure that your footage is in focus. If the focus is bad, then the entire footage is bad, regardless of how good the footage is if the focus is horrible, the video is horrible. During my live shot, I made sure that these requirements were met, and I received good feedback.


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