Chelsea Anne Person

A Bag of Goodies

Anyone ever had that feeling of pure joy after receiving a “swag bag?” You know, those goody bags filled with freebies after an event as a thank you. In recent years, I’ve attended several conferences or luncheons and have collected numerous party favors. The majority of those favors have ended up tucked away in my closet collecting dust, or worse the dumpster. This is exactly what I do not want to happen to the Girls in the Game luncheon party favors.

This week I have browsed ideas for party favors. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as throwing together a grab bag like one may do for their daughter’s 4th birthday party. While I wish I could pass out plush cougars with chocolate, I don’t think that would be appropriate or effective. Some questions I’ve asked myself this week are:

  • What types of women will attend this event?
  • What expectations will they have?
  • What gift could be useful to them and reflect the Girls in the Game brand?
  • What gift would be memorable?
  • How long would this take to manufacture?
  • What is the most cost efficient option?

Thankfully I have started developing a relationship with a local customized goods vendor. This week he has offered suggestions, referred me to websites for extra inspiration and most importantly made himself available for all my questions. His quick response and knowledge of his company make my job easier.

His service has mirrored how the COMM Department teaches its aspiring PR professionals to interact with the media. He’s been honest, authentic, offered relevant suggestions and made himself available.

As I help plan the first CSU Women’s Athletics fundraiser (and my first fundraiser) people like the vendor I mentioned are much appreciated and absolutely essential


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