By Symone Grady

Last week I worked with the sales department at WTVM. Now, I am back in the newsroom. Tanita, the web content director, wants to give me writing assignments to do, however, she wants to assess my current writing skills. So, she will be getting a writing test for me to take. So far, I have done well with script writing so I am excited to write an actual story for the WTVM web page.

Today, I was able to help out with an interview at the station. I helped set up the camera, mic check, and set up the mic. The interviewee opposes Sen. Josh McKoon’s passage of “Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” This interview not only taught me that a reporter must get both sides of the story, but it also taught me how to handle controversial topics.

The interviewee was very passionate about his stance, and this was evident the way he spoke during the interview. In a situation like this, the reporter much remain neutral. The reporter must refrain from seemingly taking sides.

I just volunteered to work this Saturday. I will be helping out at the Columbus-Metro Association of Black Journalists, Inc. They are hosting an “Accessing the Media” event. This will be  a great opportunity for me to meet and greet other local media. I can also gain some valuable information from the subjects covered at the event.


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