Tiara Pickens


What does a reporter do? A reporter goes out in the field to gather interviews, B-roll, stand-ups, VOs, SOTs, and MOTs of recent news that would be informative to the public. That reporter edits the raw footage captured and adds audio clips to form a news package. Once he/she completes the package, they have to insert the package into the next show rundown chart. How do I know these things? I’ve witnessed it first hand while shadowing a reporter tonight.

Working alongside a reporter was a great experience. Although, many reporters are stereotyped as only having the ability to “read” and “speak,” but they actually do a lot of work, and are a big part of delivering information to the public. Today, I was able to do my first professional stand-up. The stand-up couldn’t be any longer than 10 seconds long. This formed a lot of pressure for me due to the amateur experience I had with doing a stand-up. Although, I was nervous about it, I had a great reporter there to help me along the way. I was able to complete the stand-up. Once we returned to the news station I was able to see and edit it.

Being a reporter requires a passion for it. Being able to be a great reporter demands a lot of work. If you’re not driven to perform well then your work will definitely show—on camera. Serious reporters will tell you that it takes a lot of practice to get the status of being a great reporter. Practice your scripts, practice shooting footage, practice getting interviews, and practice on your voice. Practice makes improvement and a step closer to greatness. That’s what you should always strive for.


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